Mindful Motherhood

9 months in, 9 months out.

Happy nine month birthday, my precious Angel. You have officially been apart of the world nearly as long as you grew in my belly.

You have grown and changed before my eyes almost as rapidly as you came into the world on your birthday. You are the sweetest little boy with bright blue eyes of wonder.

Your strength and curiosity is uncanny as you watch intently the world around you; taking in and enjoying every detail you absorb. You love especially to watch your brothers; I can tell by the determination in your eyes that you cannot wait to be bigger, though I wish you would stop and slow down for just a minute. I feel like I could blink and you’ll be four years old, running around the house. I look forward to that happening, but want to make sure I cherish every moment we share together now; I don’t want to miss a thing, soaking up every bit of you (and your brothers) as you are of the world.

I love the moments of us rocking together with your perfectly round head resting peacefully on my shoulder, snoring loudly.
The way your eyes light up when you see me and when you see your Daddo.
The way you vocalize your needs and are starting to mimic some noises.
The way you play with my hair every chance you get.
How we do just about everything together; whether its the dishes, making dinner, or juggling chores one handed around the house together.
How I can tell sooner than later we can start working on some signing together.
How you army crawl on your belly, lifting your butt each time and using your knees and toes to help you move.
Your beautiful and genuine smile that is infectious.
How when you are happy you kick your feet and that your laugh has changed from a baby giggle to a big boy laugh.
I adore it all, because I love you. I love you more each day.

When you were growing in my belly, I was nervous about having another baby. Mostly because your older brother was a very demanding baby, which left me feeling drained and overwhelmed, more often than not. Ironically, you are the most easy going and happy baby so our transition from a family of four to a family of five, was easier than I imagined; in every single way. Something I am incredibly grateful for.

While I have moments of feeling anxious because of being behind on housework, in the end I know that meeting the needs of my children (especially while young) is way more important. More than that, I am a lot healthier and confident of a person than I have ever been in my life. Because of this I realize that enjoying the now, no matter how chaotic and frustrating at times, is what really matters.

I look forward to watching you and your brothers all grow and change, into the individuals you are.
I promise to cherish each and every moment together, my sweet boy.
Thank you for being you.


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