Mindful Motherhood

The truth; the journey

Motherhood is a journey; A beautiful chaotic hike; full of rocks, rivers, meadows of butterflies and flowers; hills and slopes.
Days of ease and sunlight; days of rain, thunder, and high speed winds.
Sometimes everything is in sync together; ease, sunlight, moods and patience fit together like a glove.
Other times, it rains and you can’t help but be swallowed by it.

Its a challenge.
A journey.
I go through phases of times where I forget that the day runs better when I’m not just keeping my head above water until bed time.
I forget that I need to count to ten when I’m frustrated instead of yelling.
I forget to be and see the positive of my life.
Most of all, I forget that I’m a role model.

When I pause, and really think in positive light how motherhood has changed me, with each birth of my children; it changes the face of motherhood and brings truth to its meaning.

With my oldest, I realized that I deserved to be loved.
And I met the man of my dreams, who loves me more than anyone ever has (and ever will.)
With our first child, I realized that I deserved to be myself; to belong.
And with our second, I realized I deserved to be healthy; that I could and should love myself in a healthy way.
And while I have MANY flaws that are works in progress; some faster than others, if it wasn’t for being a mother and a wife, I wouldn’t (continue) to see what I need to see.
I wouldn’t see the progress I’ve already made.
I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today.

The truth of the challenge of motherhood is its a blessing.
The more you see and embrace it that way, the more opportunity you have to be your authentic self, through reflection of yourself.

Take the journey ahead, head on.
And look for the positive.

How has motherhood changed you? Have you grown in more than one way?


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