Mindful Motherhood

B is turning 3

Happy birthday my precious B!
Its hard to believe that 3 years ago at 2:03pm today you were born.

Your father and I worked so hard together through the waves of labor to get you here. He was (and still is) the rock that grounds me (even though sometimes I don’t like it). Your birth was long, powerful but most of all, healing. We had the space and privacy to do the natural birth I prepared for my whole pregnancy with you. It was exhausting at moments for us both, but we did together and you were born in only 6 strong pushes after 14 and 1/2 long hours of labor.

You looked so much like your father then and you are still a mini version of him down to your curiosity of the world to even your love for me.

Sometimes I admit, you drive me crazy and push a button I didn’t even know existed; this morning was a good example of that (but I also have a part in it as well). That is one of the challenges of motherhood. I know this is a transition for you into the world of being three.

It is glorious to see you change and grow before my eyes, every day. You have this hunger with life that is exhaustingly beautiful.

Its hard to believe that just over a year ago, you almost weren’t here.
That I wouldn’t be watching you dance to music.
Or waving the bugs that you stop to see closely to “come” to you.
Wouldn’t be watching you running around outside.
Wouldn’t be waking up to you pressing your heavy head into my hip while you play with my belly ring, like you do every single morning.
Or asking for me to sing you “grandmother moon” or “twinkle little star” at night for bed.
Or waking up to the sight of you snuggling with F in the middle of the night in the big bed when I tiptoe out of bed to go to the bathroom.

God saw the strength you had; your hunger for life; what you would contribute to the world that day and gave you; gave all of us a second chance. Your hunger for life convinced him.

So as much as you press my buttons; as much as it drives me crazy with how combative you can be at times; as much as you test the very meaning of the word patience; I am so grateful you are here – challenging me in every way you can, to sprout new growth within me. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

You are a precious gift.
I am so grateful to be celebrating your 3rd birthday, my little man.

Thank you for always being you.

To the year of lessons and health ahead.

I love you, birthday boy.


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