Mindful Motherhood

Poem: A Nature Break

With your tired brother on my hip,
We marched outside today.
To take advantage of the sun,
To swing, run and play.

The time we had was short,
For your naps would soon be over due.
But I wanted to make you tired,
Before a monster you turned into.

I pushed your brother on the swing,
While you started to run around.
“Be a monster,” you said with a giggle,
So I chased after you and started to growl.

Looking at me from over your shoulder,
You chuckled, “you can’t catch me!”
I’d pretend I was going to get you,
While you’d seek safety from a tree.

I’d loop back to your brother,
To push him a few times in the swing.
And you’d run past again,
“Come get me!” your voice would sing.

Finally I took off my shoes,
As they we’re annoying me so.
Flopping around on me feet,
Making me feel like a penguin who waddled slow.

As my bare feet hit the ground,
Feeling the earth between my toes.
I chased after you with whole new life,
And our laughter started to grow.

In that moment I was taken back,
Feeling just like a kid myself.
Being free with you both in nature,
Like a pixy, a wood nymph or elf.

Your brother laughed with us to,
His face lit up like the sky.
I’d give him another push and kiss,
Whenever we ran by.

He’d kick his feet and chuckle,
Like he was running with us too.
But it won’t be long until he will,
Until it’ll be me, him and you.

I could tell you too were getting tired,
That our time needed to end.
So I gave you a five minute warning,
As you both had nap time to attend.

Before we went inside,
We did a two lap race.
To the slide, the car, and back again.
Determination on your face.

Your legs took off from beneath you,
With a twinkle in your eye.
As if you would grow wings,
Away effortlessly you’d fly.

I’ll never forget this moment,
This snap shot of paused time.
Tucked away inside of me forever,
Locked in this heart of mine.

For these times make days feel simple,
Hard moments a distant past.
As your laughter floats on the breeze
What a wonderful contrast.


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